Breathing Space

                     1404 Raeford Rd.

A Pathway to Peace, Bliss, and Wellness.


Everyone at Breathing Space is dedicated to mindful awareness of spirit through yoga, massage and meditation. We invite you to stop, breathe and learn to recognize the bliss that arises when we take time to slow down and exhale.

Breathing Space was founded In January 2005 in Fayetteville, North Carolina by Lisa Lofthouse, a Kripalu yoga teacher, artist, spiritaul seeker and author of Journey to a Life of Bliss. She dreamt of creating a supportive environemnt for anyone searching for ease of being, wellness, good health and a virbrant, blissful life.

Take a class, get a massage, attend an educational seminar on Everyday Spiritual Living, experience Kirtan, drum circles that create a joyfilled place to reconnect to your blissful soul.