Deb Happel

Deborah Happel is excited to have joined the Breathing Space family! The mother of five and grandmother of three decided to pursue her massage therapy license later in life as her nest emptied. It was a major shift from her earlier years as newspaper editor and reporter, but one based on the same motivation: Deborah cares deeply about helping people pursue their own purpose. As a journalist, she worked to empower people by providing information. As a massage therapist, she works to empower people by reducing their pain, increasing their mobility, and lowering their stress. 

Deborah believes regular massage is basic health care. It should be available to everyone, regardless of their income. To that end, she has a fee policy that encourages people to pay what they can afford. Her hope is to reach people who stand on their feet all day–cashiers, wait staff, teachers, and laborers, to name a few–those who need regular massage the most and often can afford it the least. 

Deborah has trained in a variety of modalities. She loves to incorporate more-intense techniques such as hot stone, cupping, trigger point, and acupressure into a calm and pleasant Swedish massage. She is certified in Integrative Reflexology.

How to reach Deborah:

Cell: (910) 483-4054